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We are a Swedish construction and trading company serving the international, commercial and industrial markets.


Tempo buildings for temporary usage. IQ´s shelters guarantee good working conditions regardless of cold, rain or heat.


Various temporary and permanent solutions for clinics, schools, warehouses, etc.

Homes and Buildings

With our type of building materials architects can make incredible designs; with Low weight, High strength, high isolation benefits and reduced montage costs because of rapid montage at site.

Production facility

We are very proud to showcase our production facility in Berlin, where we manufactureour composite panels, and all of our skins.

Theatre modules

Swedish Operating Theatre Modules is a modular operating unit, an innovation that revolutionizes access to cost-effective, sterilized room graded surgical facilities.

This modular building is integrated into your existing facilities and can be accommodated to the architectural aesthetics. Erection time for this unit is only one week!

Student apartment

For modern student apartment; the architectural configuration and elements are derived from the existing school façade and plan layout, taking into account the requirements from the school to have certain classical qualities incorporated and adapted into its main façade. 

With numerous well-shaded and intended "green outdoor spaces" for the students, the student apartment is envisaged to be an elegant institutional shelter in the desert, a sensitive blend of classical and modern aesthetics.


We design every building after every client desire and need. Interior and exterior: colors, surfaces and each single detail of your dream house.